Referral Masterclass for Executive Coaches Kicks Off the Executive Coach Hub

by Suzi Pomerantz, Community Instigator/Connectress on October 13, 2012

We are extremely excited to give you the first webinar that introduced the world’s largest and first exclusive online resource for executive coaches, The Executive Coach Hub…..set to launch early 2013.

Referral-Masterclass Suzi Pomerantz Ian Brodie Ben CroftBelow is a recording of a webcast that was held in early October 2012 for nearly 1000 executive coaches: 397 attended live from around the world (and another 564 tuned in by recording over the next few days) about how to grow your business through referral mindsets.  It was organized by Ben Croft, and led by Ian Brodie and Suzi Pomerantz.

Top 12 Strategies for Referral Mastery:

1.  Be Referable
2.  Check motives
3.  Plant seeds
4.  Set Expectations
5.  They want to help
6.  Give referrals
7.  Timing
8.   Ask
9.   Acknowledge referrals
10.  Be authentic
11.  Nurture relationships
12.  Detach

and of course, they are explained in the webinar below…


The Referral Masterclass for Executive Coaches

If the embedded video above doesn’t work, you can watch the recording here:

The slides can be found here:


You can be part of the initial global Executive Coach Mastermind and help develop the Executive Coach Hub. You can join here:


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