Plans for the Leading Coaches’ Academy: See What’s Coming!

by Suzi Pomerantz, Community Instigator/Connectress on December 31, 2009

blueprintsWelcome! We are delighted to have you learn with us! This Academy is for you, and we are scouring the planet to bring you the latest and greatest tools, concepts, innovations, and faculty to support and advance your coaching work with business leaders.

What would you like to learn about?  Below is the list of topics we are planning to populate this section of the site with and the faculty with whom we have been speaking about the best ways to bring this content to you. The listings in blue are already available for members of the Clubhouse to access:

  • Make Your Networking Contacts Count! (Faculty: Lynne Waymon)
  • Efficiency Systems to Organize Your Business Effectiveness  (Faculty:  Gerhard Schwandt)
  • Brandwithin: Branding and Knowledge Marketing  (Faculty:  Jon Ward and James Burgin)
  • Blog-writing and Content Marketing (Faculty:  Patsi Krakoff, Ph.D.)
  • On The System: Baldridge standards of excellence OD systems and processes for biz operations (Faculty:  Mike Kramer)
  • Exploring Remote Team Coaching with Premier Mentor (Faculty: Andrea Moretti-Adimari)
  • Merlin Navigator: predicting success/ innovation breakthrough technology/ measuring impact of culture and leadership on innovation (Faculty:  Charles Smith, Ph.D.)
  • Finding Your Great Work (Faculty:  Michael Bungay Stanier)
  • Video Messaging, Live Meetings, Easy Webinar Tool: Proclaim (Faculty:  Gary Anderson)
  • Mindbloom (Faculty:  Chris Hewett)
  • ChangeGrid (Faculty:  Steve Eanes)
  • PEOPLE Model (Faculty:  Toni Reece)
  • Coaches Console (Faculty:  Kate Steinbacher)
  • Social Media & Online Marketing (Faculty:  Suzi Pomerantz)
  • Seal the Deal Business Development (Faculty:  Suzi Pomerantz)
  • Cultivating an Attitude of Excellence  (Faculty:  Willie Jolley)
  • Management & Sales Mastery  (Faculty:  Zemira Jones)
  • Internet Radio Marketing: Be A Radio Show Host  (Faculty:  Zemira Jones)
  • Communication For Leadership & Sales  (Faculty:  Steven Gaffney)
  • Getting Your Book Printed (Faculty:  Donald R. Tramel)
  • Re-Purpose Your Content to Build an Online Empire (Faculty: Viki Winterton)
  • Topic TBD (Faculty: Shama Kabani)
  • Topic TBD (Faculty: Laurie Weiss, Ph.D.)
  • Dialogue Process and Principles (Faculty: Michele Roden & Bruce Kawahara)

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