Learn from Dr. Marshall Goldsmith how to Effectively Influence Decision Makers

by Suzi Pomerantz, Community Instigator/Connectress on May 17, 2013

On Monday the World’s number 1 leadership thinker Dr. Marshall Goldsmith will be presenting a session that will help develop your coaching skills of “How to Effectively Influence Decision Makers”.

The complimentary session is part of the World Business and Executive Coach Summit Pre-Summit series which has been very well received across the globe. It has no cost to attend and has no sales pitches at all.

Here are the details of Dr. Marshall Goldsmith’s session:

Peter Drucker wisely noted that, “Our mission in life should be to make a positive difference – not to prove how smart we are or how right we are.” In this practical and immediately applicable session, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith will begin with an analysis of how we often ignore Peter Drucker’s great advice as we wander through life. He will then share very concrete suggestions on how to improve our odds on successfully influencing decision makers when we do not have direct line authority. He will then share his suggestions on how to deal with people who disagree with us when we do have line authority. Marshall believes that these concepts are among the most useful suggestions that he makes when coaching top executives.

Specifically You Will:
- Understand how key ‘time wasters’ limit our ability to make a positive difference in the world.
- Learn a practical process for effectively influencing decision makers.
- Learn to ‘make peace’ with what you cannot change.
- Be better able to deal with disagreement when you are the decision maker.

To register you simply need to
1. Click this link: http://www.wbecs.com/go/wbecs/sp1
2. Register for the for the pre-summit series
3. Head over to week 4 of the pre-summit and select the sessions you would like to attend

There are also 5 other world-class sessions next week including sessions from
- Brendon Burchard – 7-Figure Online Marketing for Coaches
- Karen Kimsey-House and Ann Betz – Coaching, Leadership and the Power of Expectations — What Happens When We See Others as Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole?
- Michael Bungay Stanier – The Dark Side of Coaching: Why it’s time to embrace your inner Darth Vader
- Vishen Lakhiani -The 5 Principles Of Happiness At Work
- Joseph O’Connor and Andrea Lages – Coaching Emotions- You Listen To Words – Can You See Emotions?

Register for all these sessions at no cost here: http://www.wbecs.com/go/wbecs/sp1


Are you ready for Radical Conversations?

by Suzi Pomerantz, Community Instigator/Connectress on May 13, 2013

Radical Conversations is intended to be an open dialogue among coaches for shaping and creating the future that is calling to us.  While we don’t know who will come, we trust that the perfect people will be there.  We know that this is a place to make a difference; a place to “not know” but contribute the piece you have.  Join us and let’s make it a powerful possibility and co-creation.

During the week of May 21-26, 2013 we are celebrating International Coaching Week with Radical Conversations: 5 virtual calls, held over 5 days, about what we want and what the world wants from us as coaches and leaders as it relates to our: Evolution, Impact, Identity, Global Perspective and Aliveness.

Are you curious about what’s calling to us?  Are you interested in being a difference maker?  What would you want to contribute that would inform, deepen and enhance this conversation about the coaching profession?

While the conversations will be taking place over 5 days at 2:00 p.m. EST for 1.5 hours beginning Tuesday, May 21st thru Saturday, May 26th, I will specifically be co- hosting the (insert your day) on the topic of (insert your topic — i.e., evolution, impact, identity, etc.)

Radical Conversations is designed to be an open dialogue among coaches for shaping and creating the future that is calling to us.  While we don’t know who or how many will come, we know that the perfect people will be there.  We know that this is a place to make a difference; a place to “not know” but contribute the piece you have.  Join us and let’s make it a powerful possibility and co-creation.

Here is a list of all the panelists over this one-of-a-kind, 5-Day, Virtual Event!

Sir John Whitmore
Prof. Phillipe Rosinski MCC
Alan Seale PCC, CTPC
Craig Hamilton
Maria Gamb
Cynthia Loy-Darst CPCC, ORSCC, MCC
Suzi Pomerantz MT, MCC
Jan Elfline EDD, MCC
Dorothy Siminovitch PHD, MCC
Michael Charest
Paul Zelizer
Ann Van Eron PHD, MCC
Joan King PHD, MCC, BCC
Arjuna Ardagh
Janet Harvey MCC

Click this link NOW and get your *FREE* ticket for Radical Conversations 2013: www.radicalconversations.com

Join me in conversation on Facebook. I’d love to see you there!

I look forward to being with you!


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