Over 50 BIG Questions! Part 4: Leadership, of course!

by Suzi Pomerantz, Community Instigator/Connectress on September 29, 2009

This one is by far the favorite category, not surprisingly, of this group of leading coaches who posted questions.  Let’s engage in conversation via the comments box below!

Part 4:  Leadership

1.  The most compelling work is in developing coach-like leaders who keep the money where it belongs so they can make a greater contribution as can everyone below them.  How do we enable that in a big way?

2.  In a world where business rules are changing, a coach-like mindset inspires innovation.  Pixar is a great example.  How do we make a business case for this?

3.  My client asks, “I am President of the company and I believe strongly in the power of coaching.  At the same time, I believe in the power of leading.  How do I be a leader/coach?”

4.  How to ignite leadership in individuals when the current circumstances of life have them strictly in survival mode?

5.  Can people learn to be great leaders?

6.  How can we have many leaders for differentiation of client needs and broadening the scope of leadership within our profession?

7.  How can we further distinguish the profession of executive coaching and have it be so important in organizations that they can’t operate without it?

8.  How does a coach get across to business executives the concept that it’s all about people? It’s not about business.

9.  How will coaching help organizations implement ethical and sustainable leadership and growth?

10.  How can we help leaders of companies treat their employees as human beings who are entitled to continuous development and support of their well-being which  may lead to a business environment of cooperation, personal commitment, and greater creativity, productivity, and profitability?

11.  How do I unlearn the learning I had about coaching?

12.  How to maintain focus on goals/business in a fragmented world with mutiple social networking activities, friends, family and clients/ prospects with whom we want to maintain/build relationships when it seems to get harder and harder?

13.  If, independently of the organization’s existing metrics, a coach were asked to rank the top three qualities that should be developed in a leader, what would these be?

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