Over 50 BIG Questions! Part 3: Coaching Effectiveness

by Suzi Pomerantz, Community Instigator/Connectress on September 29, 2009

There were quite a few questions in this category of the effectiveness or impact of coaching.  As always, your comments and reactions are invited and encouraged!  🙂

Part 3:  Coaching Effectiveness:

1.  How might we consistently add value to creating a sustainable culture of collaboration in the business world?

2.  Can coaches help a large sales team create a business plan using an approach of Objective-Vision-Strategy-Execution format with SWOT built into the execution?

3.  How to keep performing month after month with a mass based product mix of established brands?

4.   How is coaching going to be integrated (or serve as an integrator) going forward as complexity goes beyond one person’s/executive’s capability to handle it?

5.  Are you working with executive teams as an integrator with companies over 1 billion and are you in higher levels of capacity?

6.  What suggestions do you have to help me help my clients get “in state” so they can achieve better/more/any results that will be realized through the priceless information I provide them?

7.  How to bring focus to an organization?

8.  How to simplify goal setting?

9.  How to replace tons of KPIs nobody understands by compelling goal to everybody in the organization?

10.  How do we consistently and effectively challenge all of our clients to adopt their own dynamically changing and ever-transformative goals?

11.  Has anyone found a way to do laser coaching (creating an “ah-hah” in 15 minutes or less) and make a good living at it?

12.  How do we maintain one of the unique coaching essentials of ‘staying in the questions’ and ‘staying curious’? To me, this is one of the most valued and critical  distinctions of the coaching profession.

13.  What do you provide clients with that makes the largest difference in their life, business, and world?

14.  How will coaching integrate into business thinking?

15.  How do we get a leader to ask himself, “is there a better decision I can make here, knowing what I now know, if I talk to my coach before making this decision?”  In this instance, attending to your decision making being part of your business thinking.

16.  What is the biggest need of clients?

17.  The biggest question I ask my clients is, “What do you want?”

18.  I ask clients, “What else do you want to achieve in your life?  What’s stopping you from achieving it?”

19.  When is a directive vs. non-directive style most effective in executive coaching?

20.  For those who have experience coaching here and in other cultures, do you sense a greater willingness in other cultures to accepting help from a coach? (How would you compare the notion of “I can do this myself” vs. willingness to open oneself to being coached across cultures?)

21.  Best practices in both creating opportunity and maintaining balance in the tension that exists between 1 on 1 executive coaching and organizational consulting. I find many times in working with executives on their development, organzational dysfunctions become apparent. What is the role of the coach in this dynamic?

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