Over 50 BIG Questions! Part 5: Growing A Coaching Business

by Suzi Pomerantz, Community Instigator/Connectress on September 29, 2009

Several folks asked questions about how to grow their already successful coaching businesses to the next level.

Part 5:  Growing a Coaching Business

1.  What’s the best way to market and grow a business/executive coaching business?

2.  What are ways to leverage my time as a coach to be able to serve more people, to make it more affordable for clients, and to earn money for the time expended?

3.  How can a company create a viral word of mouth marketing program? Is there an organic or word of mouth practices that can be deployed?

4.  Is paying  Google for ad words, buying email lists, and other conventional marketing techniques the only way to create awareness?

5.  Many great coaches are not cut out to market themselves or own a business, and for them a team approach is ideal.  What will it take to create and sustain those teams of coaches and let them thrive?

6.  What other business models exist out there for coaches to grow a business that leverages their coaching expertise but breaks away from the time-for-money model?

7.  How do coaches get clients and who is growing in the business and how? Is it only by referrals?

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