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leaders clubhouseTo enhance your free membership in the Leading Coaches’ Center, we’ve created the VIP room for leaders called the Leader’s Clubhouse. This online resource is your solution to taking control of your coaching business and growing beyond six figures. The materials aggregated here for you are from leading experts in their fields who were hand-selected and personally invited to contribute their wisdom here for you in this exclusive collection.  We know you love to learn from the best!

You want to grow your business, you want to learn as quickly as possible, and you don’t want to waste a ton of time weeding out the info-marketers and get-rich-quick-schemers from the real deal folks with real content that will make a real difference for YOU. We’ve done that work for you.  We know the experts in the Clubhouse and have asked them to contribute their content because it is relevant, timely, and uniquely suited to executive coaches, business coaches, and leadership coaches.  You will also find resources and solutions that might be relevant to your leader and executive clients, thus allowing you to add further value.

Your monthly membership includes access to tons of value-packed resources to grow your coaching business. Completing this form allows you to access the Clubhouse as a Charter Member, with introductory savings of over 70% off the standard rate of $97 per month. Please note your card will automatically be charged the discount fee of $27 once each month unless you cancel your membership.

Join the Leaders’ Clubhouse

Take immediate advantage of the resources we have already prepared for you, starting with our  “Secrets of the Champions” interviews. These let you tap the brains of high-flying coaches who have cracked the code of business growth.

Join the Leaders’ Clubhouse

Also, be sure to check the Mastermind Live page to get the recordings of our phone conferences on business development. You are guaranteed to discover something of tangible value to your business with every call.

We have some powerful Marketing Tools already loaded, with more to come. So check these, too.

Take a look around and enjoy! New resources will be added to the Leaders’ Clubhouse at frequent intervals. We have a single focus and commitment: to see your coaching business grow at the pace and to the size that fulfills your largest dreams.

Join the Leaders’ Clubhouse

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top 10 challenges overall

The chart above is from the Conference Board’s 2007 survey of CEO’s top concerns. They surveyed nearly 800 CEOs for the data above.

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