How can a coach get more new clients?

by Suzi Pomerantz, Community Instigator/Connectress on May 22, 2014

There are many approaches to getting new clients as a coach, but most of the coach training programs out there don’t do a great job of preparing coaches to succeed in the marketplace. Whether you’re a life coach, business coach, or executive coach, you’ll likely need a process that allows you to build, grow, and keep your coaching practice or coaching business filled with a steady stream of potential new clients. Stop struggling to get the clients you want.

Getting new clients, or creating opportunities for you to do the work you love doing, involves a set of activities called “business development”.

Business development is comprised of three domains of action:  Networking, Marketing, and Sales.

In a nutshell, Networking is the relational aspect of building genuine relationships with people who may in turn be able to connect you to other people.

Marketing is the preparation piece…preparing your content and your message to reach out into the market:  website copy, collateral material, branding, PR, public speaking, article writing, social media…all of these activities fall under marketing.  It’s basically you behind your computer.

Sales activities are very similar to coaching conversations; a series of conversations to create an equal exchange of value.  The big difference between sales conversations and coaching conversations is that in a coaching conversation you only have the client’s agenda.  In a sales conversation, there’s a mutual agenda.

Not only did I write a book that delves into all this more deeply, but that book (Seal the Deal) is part of the online course that you can take for a very reasonable $99 here:

seal_the_deal_success_kit_largeYou get the digital version of the book as well as

  • Lifetime access to 32 lectures
  • 12+ hours of high quality content
  • A community of 700+ students learning together!
  • A certificate

Here’s what a few of the reviewers had to say about it:

Well worth the time and investment

“Suzi Pomerantz offers sage advice in Seal the Deal: How to Win Business and Influence Leadership. Suzi offers a comfortable, common-sense approach that is sure to help launch your business to the next level of success. Suzi has a way of conveying valuable concepts without patronizing, and by offering concrete tools to ensure you can put the concepts to work. Spending your time on this program will certainly seem like a bargain investment in your future revenue that is sure to produce a 10x ROI.”  ~ IAN ALTMAN

Excellent Material

“This is a great course. I’m only half way through and I’ve already used some of the ideas to close two new deals – I may not have gotten otherwise. Thank you Suzi!” ~BILL CATES

This Course is Several Courses in One !

“As an entrepreneur I am constantly looking for info on line or other entrepreneurs that can give me the edge I need or a solution to a challenge. This course addresses several issues I have had in running my business and its all in one single course. I love this. Every lecture is like a course unto itself. If I incorporated 10% of everything I am getting from this course I would be way ahead of the game. Thank You Suzi Pomerantz !!!” ~ZEMIRA JONES

Thought provoking wisdom.

Seal the Deal is full of useful and thought provoking material. Each time I read the book I found pearls of wisdom. I especially enjoyed reading the information on client meeting interview questions, follow-up strategies, along with examples of proposals. Once you get to the point of understanding this book’s systematic process and approach then you can customize the concepts to what best suits you within your own line of work.” -PAMELA DUNN, President of Executive Coaching International


“This course is a true gift. As a consultant, this is exactly what I have been waiting for. Suzi presents a, clear, intelligent and systematic process to win clients. I feel like I just took a college course in a topic that is about as practical as it gets. And the best part, her advice comes from years of success – so you know it works. As I continue to grow my business, I know I will refer back to this course again and again.  Seal the Deal is a must-have for anyone in the coaching/consulting business!” ~SARAH GERSHMAN

Dynamic, practical and immediately useful course on business development!

“I have been a successful coach and consultant for twelve years. I recently realized that I could take my business to a whole new level if I actually went beyond networking and building relationships (which I love and am comfortable doing) and started having more assertive conversations with potential clients and referral partners. Suzi’s book and this course have been instrumental in shifting my mindset and providing an invaluable process and tools for getting through my discomfort with selling. I feel much more focused and confident, which is already making a positive difference in client generation. I have recommended these materials to multiple colleagues and all have found them to be as valuable as I do. I would suggest this course to any coach or consultant wanting to taking their business to the next level.” ~MARGARITA ROZENFELD

Expertise and Tools You Can Count on to Bring Your Goals to Life

“Suzi Pomerantz’s course offers a wealth of content—over 12 hours–on sales, business development and rainmaking. In addition, you get her best-selling book Seal the Deal. The course has a variety of formats that makes it interesting and adds richness. You get engaging video interviews, video of her leading a private engagement on rainmaking, a number of audios of her coaching a group of professional services providers in the skills and mindsets, text and PowerPoint®. I found this blend so helpful for “getting” the learning in ways I wouldn’t had I just read a book!

As a professional services provider and small business owner, I have to master several domains—selling, marketing and service delivery. From Suzi’s assessment, I discovered I was in great shape in two areas–marketing and service! But a weakness in my sales process had kept me out of what she calls the sweet spot: where all 3 intersect and work together smoothly.

You can get some powerful results in just one lecture but do not expect your learning to be a straight line process! Here’s what it’s done for me over several months: I refined my processes. Better still I am becoming more consistent with on-going sales business development activities. That habit thankfully stops the feeling of being behind the power curve to generate new business as a major engagement comes to completion! It has also brought an increasing ease to my marketing and sales conversations: there are many potential opportunities that can come to fruition. When there are just a few they can get too important –something I’ve felt and I’m sure the potential buyers did too!

To get the most from the course, if you like having an overview read the articles in the Bonus Materials section first. Then be strategic. Do the “Self-Assessment Quiz: How Ready Are You?” in the book on page XIX. Prioritize the top 3 skills/mindsets and set a time frame e.g., 3 months, for you (or your team if you’ve made this available to them) to focus on putting those into action. Then reassess at the end of that time frame to see where you’ve improved and where to focus next. This is where Udemy’s fabulous lifetime access to the course from a sales and marketing expert really leverages your investment. I’ve got big goals and a big vision that I’m driving toward. Powerful tools are critical. No matter the size of your goals or vision, Suzi’s expertise and course are tools you can count to help bring them to life!” ~BETH HAND

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