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Interpersonal skills development

How do you balance competition and cooperation with other business coaches?

I believe there is enough for all.

How would you like to contribute to that change?

Offer innovative ideas

What do you feel needs to change in the business coaching profession as a whole?

More flexibility needed rather than a cookie-cutter approach.

What area of expertise do you enjoy sharing with others?

human resources

What is your primary belief about creating success and abundance?

It all starts in the mind and attitude.

What does leadership mean to you?


Who is your target market?

Any organization that values human capital management.

What do you most wish to gain from spending time with successful business coaches?

ideas and connections.

How would you sum up your mission as a business coach?

Make sure the right people are on the bus, sitting in the right seat, going to the same destination, singing Kumbaya!

What kinds of collaborations and co-creations with other coaches appeal to you?

Sharing resources and being a resource for large projects independent coaches can’t handle on their own.

How do you believe you could add most value to a community of business coaches?

I have the perspective of 25 years in HR. I like to say I have a head for business and a heart for people!