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Lynn Grodzki, LCSW, MCC

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Maryland, USA


Business and Executive Coaching for Reluctant Entrepreneurs

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Women's basketball. (see

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I am a very good writer and editor! Love, love, love to write.

How do you balance competition and cooperation with other business coaches?

When we stand in abundance, there is business and opportunity enough for all. I think we all have our areas of strength and can create more by synergy and energy than the sum of our parts.

How would you like to contribute to that change?

I’m ready to play!

What do you feel needs to change in the business coaching profession as a whole?

More collaboration.

What area of expertise do you enjoy sharing with others?

I am a licensed psychotherapist with over 20 years experience which I combine with my decade of business coaching. I work deeply with clients on changing self and leading by example.

What is your primary belief about creating success and abundance?

Opportunity is everywhere, taking right action is the key.

What does leadership mean to you?

Becoming a center of influence to oneself and others.

Who is your target market?

Small business owners, directors and founders of non-profits

What do you most wish to gain from spending time with successful business coaches?

Support, affiliation, sharing ideas, fun.

How would you sum up your mission as a business coach?

As author of 5 books, I help translate business and management skills for professionals who find themselves involved with running or owning a business, without training or needed experience. My work is helping my clients claim their leadership potential via coaching through changes in mindset and skillset.

What kinds of collaborations and co-creations with other coaches appeal to you?

I would like to move beyond my existing market as an external executive and business coach, and would love to affiliate with others for this purpose.

How do you believe you could add most value to a community of business coaches?

Being present and open to what we co-create.