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Wild Card

My Harvard MBA and work as a Research Fellow at the business school — and the education associated with those years — are especially valued by certain types of clients.

Sweet Spot

Nonprofit leaders

How do you balance competition and cooperation with other business coaches?

The benefits of cooperation outweigh the threat and cost of competition by so much in our field, and the needs of clients are as diverse as our coaching styles; As a result, I rarely think of fellow coaches as competition.

Who is your target market?

My target market is the senior and top level executives at businesses and nonprofits.

What do you most wish to gain from spending time with successful business coaches?

I am open to the possibilities that emerge from new kinds of collaboration. I don’t have specific goals.

How would you sum up your mission as a business coach?

I partner with the leadership and management of businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government to help them advance toward their own definitions of professional and organizational success more deeply, quickly, and sustainably than they can on their own. My approach is informed by my business experience and skills as a strategist. I am passionate about helping professionals experience the power of greater self-awareness and the power of choice in shaping their professional lives and their impact as leaders.

What kinds of collaborations and co-creations with other coaches appeal to you?

I like collaboration that has specific goals, discrete questions, and/or clear boundaries (vs. ongoing, continuous dialogue).

How do you believe you could add most value to a community of business coaches?

When sharing ideas, tools, solutions and perspectives with fellow executive coaches, there are two ways in which I think my experience and background are especially useful — and that is my business background (20 years as a management consultant across divers indusstries) and my expertise in consulting and coaching the leaders and boards of nonprofit organizations, which is a special focus of mine.