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Saint Charles, IL 60174


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I work with municipalities as well as companies

Sweet Spot

Curious professionals who desire to achieve a life worth living.

How do you balance competition and cooperation with other business coaches?

I believe in collaboration; we can all learn from one another.

How would you like to contribute to that change?

Continue to do quality work that will be valued.

What do you feel needs to change in the business coaching profession as a whole?

It is a relatively young field. More openness to the great value coaching gives to the business world. Hopefully, this will come as more research indicates the value being provided by coaches.

What area of expertise do you enjoy sharing with others?

Positive Psychology research and Emotional Intelligence assessment and skill building.

What is your primary belief about creating success and abundance?

When the desire and opportunities are there, it is possible to be successful in achieving a fulfilling life that allows you to live your values.

What does leadership mean to you?

Having the knowledge, skills, and personal attributes that create trust and respect.

Who is your target market?

Executives, Top talent leaders, managers,

What do you most wish to gain from spending time with successful business coaches?

Sharing ideas and learning what others are doing that is successful.

How would you sum up your mission as a business coach?

To empower top talent leaders to uncover and use their unique style to create a harmonious, collaborative work environment and a high performing organization of the future.

What kinds of collaborations and co-creations with other coaches appeal to you?

May areas of interest are in Leadership training, Emotional Intelligence, and Delegating with confidence.

How do you believe you could add most value to a community of business coaches?

As a clinical psychologist and certified leadership/executive coach using the latest neuroscientific research and Emotional Intelligence, I empower top talent to drive emotions in a positive direction creating a work environment that is collaborative, where feelings establish a bond that motivates people to accomplish things together that could not be done alone.