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nadia chaal

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best way is email or skype – +33488502882


FRANCE – Carpentras


my business is called ThefrenchCoach (a nickname given by coachville members)

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Sweet Spot

persons who are starting their business and what to start one

How do you balance competition and cooperation with other business coaches?

I naively think that every coach has promary his clients interest in mind so I don’t have problem sending people to others.

What do you feel needs to change in the business coaching profession as a whole?

I’m not pretentious enough to answer this question with my actual experience as a coach

What area of expertise do you enjoy sharing with others?

everything about internet marketing, social medias and the law of attraction

What is your primary belief about creating success and abundance?

My primary belief is that it takes more energy to play small that to play big

What does leadership mean to you?


Who is your target market?

super small businesses

What do you most wish to gain from spending time with successful business coaches?


How would you sum up your mission as a business coach?

I think that my mission is not to help people built any business but the business of their life. I want theml to look at their business and say “that is me”

What kinds of collaborations and co-creations with other coaches appeal to you?

ANY ! I strongly trust my guts above anything else. So it’s not the kind of collaboration but more the kind of energy created by it that will make my decision.

How do you believe you could add most value to a community of business coaches?

I believe my 2 assets are my interest in everything internet (and especially internet marketing) and the fact that I live In france thus can be a help for those of you who want to become international