This is your community. It’s an opportunity to learn, collaborate, contribute and grow, in the company of other business-oriented coaches.Our goal is to help you become more effective in your service to clients, and more successful in your own business.  Here’s a link to a special MEMBERS ONLY PAGE with announcements that are not open to the public.
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A Quick Tour Of The Leading Coaches CenterMy Profile: This is your personal showcase, where you present your interests, values and goals to the community. Remember that members will search by keywords, so to make yourself easy to find, use words and phrases in your profile that others might look for. You can update your profile at any time.Members Meet Members: Please reach out! For the Leading Coaches Center to give you all the value that’s possible, it’s essential that you connect with other coaches. You can search people you know by name. Perhaps more important, you can find great individuals you don’t yet know by searching for common interests. Just enter a word or phrase, and if it’s in a member’s profile you’ll immediately see that member and be able to connect.

Teams Find Teams: Collaboration is the key to success, especially at the Leading Coaches Center. As the community grows, you’ll be able to find Teams for discussion, shared learning, co-creation, marketing endeavors or just fun. And if you fail to find the Team you’re looking for, you can instantly start a Team yourself! Just click on “Teams” on your My Page, and then click “Create A Team”. Your new Team can be either private or public.

Keep Learning Keep Learning: Our Knowledge Base is a resource of wisdom and expertise that will only grow. Here you will find articles, interviews, videos, podcasts and more to help you give a higher level of service to your clients — and increase your own personal success. Be sure to visit the Knowledge Base frequently, as we will be adding great new content month by month.

Be a Voice Be A Voice: One key promise of the Leading Coaches Center is to contribute to the larger community of business-oriented coaches. “Be A Voice” is your opportunity to participate in this venture, by sharing your vision for our profession — and your practical suggestions on how to initiate industry-wide change. Although “Be A Voice” takes the form of a Team with the same structure as all the other Teams, it holds a special place in our community.

Clubhouse Build Your Business: The more successful your own business, the more leadership you can give to clients. Our private Leaders’ Clubhouse is dedicated to helping members grow their own client base and maximize their revenues, through effective networking, marketing and sales. Learn more here about the powerful resources we have to help you grow.

Income Opportunities Income Opportunities: Have special access to productivity tools and other high-value offerings your clients will want to purchase — from you.